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Today I had to see my 14 year old chocolate labrador Ellie off to the Rainbow Bridge. I inherited her from my sister and did my best for her I take comfort from thinking she's running about with Giannina now. She's worth a few tears
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Must reply to jane Davitt. Not complaining about her opintion. I'm from immigrant Italian stock and voted out. To understand why so many did, read Secret People by G K Chesterton.
Well, we finally spoke. All the best to Jane and any remainers. We'll see what happens now
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Foe once, not a rant. Just some questions that have puzzled me for years, and one that has cropped up recently.

1: why are there so many pigs in the bible? The prodigal son became a swinherd, plus the poor Gaderine swine. Given the Jews don't eat pork, why so many pigs?

2: Jezebel. "The dogs ate her, all but the palms of her hands." Why did they leave those bits Quite tasty, I'd have thought.

3: More up to date. I know language changes and evolves. What I've noticed recently, is that according to newspapers, people no longer watch events. They watch on. On what? Do they stand on orange boxes to get a better view, or in this obsessed age, to take so-called selfies.

4: and last.What happens to knickers in the washing machine? Placed in right side out, they always seem to emerge inside out. Is it only me?

Just a few thoughts, but they really niggle me
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Titty, where art thou?

Now I know the Beeb has finally lost the plot. A new adaptation of one of my faourite childhood books, Swallows and Amazon, will see the character Titty renamed. What sort of mind sees offence in that? How many generations of children have enjoyed the adventures and come to no harm? Yet the little darlings are allowed to mess about on facebook, etc, exposed to all sorts of vile influences. Thank goodness I was a child when I was. It makes you want to weep for the innocence of the childhood I knew. And what sort of people are now running the beeb? The latest profession, being offended where none was meant, or actually taken I am still waiting to meet someone who has ever heard of the word 'slope' being a insult to Asians Apart that is from those out to'get' Jeremy Clarkson. Even my Asian ex-colleagues have never heard of it
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Return of the King

Just watched this programme, the first about the reinterment of Richard III. Little did I think as a child when I went with my great-grandmother to throw white roses from Bow Bridge into the River Soar, that I would live to see the recovery of the King's body. Isn't history amazing?. Maybe on day he'll be cleared of the charges against him, and the Tudor will be proved to have murdered the princes. Okay I won't live to see it.
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Dire warning

Was feeling a bit down, so decided on a treat, Cadbury cream egg. Got home, found the box which should have had 6, only had 5. Was annoyed, until I began to eat one. THE VANDALS have been let loose, and changed the recipe. Used an inferior chocolate for the shell. Digusting. Even Beanie Bodie was upset. Have since been told that Kraft have done it on purpose to increase profit. How very dare a cheese maker tamper with a British icon? JUst a friendly warning
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Stand by for another rant. I just watched a programme which purported to be Agatha Christie's 'At Bertram's hotel.' I'd seen the Joan Hickson version, and was interested to see what the new one would be like. To my horror, the only thing familiar,was the name of the hotel and names of character. Even the crime as well as the criminal had been changed from the book .

I really object to greedy writers clinging to the coattails of established authors and tagging their work They should have the courage to create their own.

I except, the likes of Sherlock, which translates the story to the modern era.

It also differs from what we do, in that we write fan fic for love and fun. This is done for greed, both for money and fame. I'm so disgusted I could spit.

Like Star Trek. Why don't the hangers on create their own SF universes? Because they either have little confidence in their own work and need the boost, or again they're greedy for the cash and kudos that come from association with a legend.

Tell me, am I being unreasonable? I think fan writers are far more ethical as they don't seek to profit from the work of others, only to give pleasure to fellow fans
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Childhood memory

I've just rejoined the Richard III Society. My great-grandmother was a Ricardian long before it was fashionable, and used to tell me stories. I viciously HATED Henry Tudor because he had Richard's horse White Surrey killed for carrying the King into battle, she told me. We used to go into Leicester every August, to throw flowers off Bow Bridge into the River Soar, because it was believed his body had been thrown into the river at the dissolution of Greyriars. The statue didn't exist then, and that was the closest we could get. Henry was such a pig he dated his reign from the day before the battle so he could charge Richard's followers with treason.

Years later I had a dispute with my history master over an essay on an admired historical figure. I didn't know as much then as I do now, but could still cite a few facts and figures. Though I went against received wisdom he admitted it was a good essay, unusual, and he enjoyed it.

A great read is Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey which examines the events through the eyes of a modern detective. It also points out the Tonypandy theory of history - events which everyone knows about, but which didn't happen as we think. I even wrote a couple of Pros stories using that as a jumping off point.
I'm so glad I lived long enough to see the King found, and people really beginning to question the standard beliefs about him.

Sorry, obsessive rant over.